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Ask me anything 11 October

Q: “Can navicular be cured”?
➡️ In the lower foot of the horse there is a mechanism that has a pulley effect, this is the navicular pulley. Located in the back half of each hoof, this area consists of the hoof joint, the navicular bone (navicular), the deep flexor tendon, and the bursa that lies between the deep flexor tendon and the navicular bone.

If one of these structures is damaged, an inflammatory reaction occurs that can cause lameness, we call this navicular disease.

With rest, this damage can heal and even the lameness can disappear, but often scar tissue remains. In the long run, this scar will irritate again and thereby generate new damage.

It is therefore of great importance to get and keep the conditions, the overall management, as optimal as possible for the horse.

Question “Which product do you recommend for itchy wounds?”
➡️ If they are dry wounds, we recommend Phytonics Skin cream or Vetramil honey ointment. If the wounds are dirty and filthy, it is better to opt for Phytonics All Sept spray.

Of course it is very important to find out what is causing the itching!

Question: “We have 3 ponies with PPID who receive the regular medicine for this. Can Hypo Balance also do something for them?”
➡️Yes! We advise the Hypo balance a lot in these kinds of cases.

There are even horses and ponies that can eventually use less or even without regular resources.

Always do this in consultation with a veterinarian. You can always contact us for this.

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