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Ask me anything session 19/3

Today we are going to answer some more questions asked via Facebook on Ask me anything me session on Friday.
Do you also have questions? You can ask them at an ask me anything post on Friday!

Question: “My 5-year-old gelding had a few spots of mug on white hind leg. Next day very thick leg and elevation. Vet there. Draining, pain relief and taf spray. Good for 5 days. And again thick leg and elevation. Everything checked with the vet and again the same treatment. Now again thin leg and scabs almost off. My question is this. In January I gave him a resistance cure. Could he still be deficient in something because he has never had mug before. Are there any tests that can be done specifically for this problem?”
➡️Dit indeed sounds like there is an imbalance internally. What exactly this is or triggers is so impossible to determine. Most likely a problem in the intestinal flora and/or an excess of waste products. You may always contact the practice for consultation.

Vraag: “Goedemiddag, kun je gluco balance ook achter elkaar door geven? Zonder de stop week? Onze merrie reageert na een stop van een paar dagen direct met hardere manen kan en strakkere spieren op de achterhand. Ben benieuwd 😀”
➡️Ja dat mag! Wel adviseren we om in periodes dat er minder “gevaar” is, bijvoorbeeld de wintermaanden, te proberen een stopweek in te lassen en/of de dosering af te bouwen naar een minimum.

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