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Ask me anything session January 17

Question: “I have 2 young cats and spring is coming. What do you advise against for flea and worm prevention?”
➡️A nice “green” alternative for the prevention of fleas and ticks being sprays and drops from STOP!.

Before deworming you could opt for a stool examination. In this way it can be determined whether and if so which deworming is necessary. You can contact Het Woud for this.

Question: “What do you think of the therapy (magnetic) blankets for horses?”
➡️ This differs greatly per blanket, per animal and per situation. It is also important to see how often and for how long the blanket is used.

The real magnetic blankets are not always recommended for every animal.

The blankets with an infrared effect usually see fewer adverse effects.

Question: “What do you recommend for tendon attachment injuries that do not heal well?”
➡️ According to Chinese medicine, it is very important to also support the liver with tendon disorders. For this we often recommend Phytonics Liver comp. To support the tendon from the inside, it is best to give this in combination with Tendon comp.

You can then lubricate externally with a product for tendons and ligaments. Like for example Omni milk

We also have sound therapies that we use a lot. For information about this, please contact the practice.

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