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Garlic and horses

Garlic is added to many nutritional supplements and horse feeds. But garlic does not belong in the horse’s diet. Garlic can lead to anemia even in high doses.

Adverse effect


Garlic and all other onions contain the substance N-propyl disulfide. A person can process this substance, but animal species such as the horse and the dog cannot process it. N-propyl disulfide destroys red blood cells and can therefore cause anemia. Several articles have been written and studies have been conducted on the use of garlic in horses and an amount of 0.2 g / kg body weight horse shows demonstrable anemia. Garlic can therefore be toxic to horses.

In addition, measurements with the lecher antenna and the biosensor show that garlic has a negative effect on the liver energy. Poor liver energy can lead to, among other things, allergic skin reactions and accumulation of waste products.

Reason for use

Garlic is used in infectious diseases, as a fly repellent, blood purifying and to improve the heart and blood vessels and intestinal flora. In order for garlic to work as a fly repellent in horses, so much should be given that the toxic dosage is quickly reached.

Sufficient medication is available for the above problems that do not have any negative side effects. For more information about this you can Contact contact us during the telephone consultation hour.


For us, the attributed positive effects of garlic do not outweigh the toxic load of garlic. We therefore give a negative advice for the use of garlic in food and feed supplements in horses.

More information is available via the website below:

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