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Human consult

Human consult

At Den Hoek we also offer treatments for humans. You can schedule an appointment with Annette Brenters , Eric Laarakker and Huib Jansen . They are human acupuncturists.

Many animal owners, who saw their animal feel better from the holistic treatment, wondered whether this way of working could also be applied to humans.

The treatment is based on insights from, for example Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Medicine, where energy flows are the basis of health and acupuncture is one of the treatment methods, Den Hoek has developed its own diagnostic and treatment protocol, the holistic approach, which is widely used in humans and animals. situations has good results. A lot of research and development is being done in the field of energetic treatment.

Treatment plan and consult

As a rule, a treatment plan is created prior to the treatment, but it is often also common for the treatment plan to form during the consult. The first link is the health report that the client submits online. After this, a client file is created by the assistants.

Based on the sent information, the practitioner can form a picture of the complaint pattern in advance.

When one comes for the first time, an intake interview takes place, after which the treatment will start. After measurements have been taken with the Lecher antenna, it is examined which treatment methods will be used. These can vary from acupuncture, nutritional advice to manual therapy or a combination of therapies. Additional (regular) examinations, such as blood tests, X-rays or ultrasound, may be necessary.

A method that is almost always used is the sound therapy . An individual program is compiled or a fixed program is used.

It is also possible for clients to undergo only sound treatment in between treatments with their therapist.

Frequencies and resources are tested with the Connection sensor. This gives an indication of what to use for the treatment. Incidentally, the connection sensor can be used for both testing and treatment. Medication, supplements, food products, etc. brought along by the client can also be tested.

A very important part of the treatment process is the information that the client provides. By integrating these into the results of the measurement and testing, the practitioner comes to a treatment plan that is unique for each client.

We always strive for the best possible result. In case of chronic complaints, support is provided for a somewhat longer period of time. In case of acute complaints, it is often sufficient to treat once or twice. An evaluation takes place at every follow-up treatment, which also includes measurements and tests.


Unlike with animal treatment, a human patient can answer questions directly. This can be both beneficial and disadvantageous, as it is sometimes difficult to look objectively at the origin of your own complaints. Influences of an internal nature (autoimmune disorders, congenital abnormalities, mental / emotional problems, etc.) can, just like external disorders (infections, trauma, toxic stress, etc.), have an adverse effect on health. Without being aware of this, lifestyle and eating habits can, for example, be the cause of a wide variety of complaints.

You can also create a nutritional consultation schedule with Annette.

For more questions you can Contact with us.

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