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Lyme: the chameleon of diseases

Lyme: the chameleon of diseases

The human side of Den Hoek practice also continues to evolve. In December 2019 human therapist Annette Brenters completed the orthomolecular Lyme specialist training.

Lyme disease is an infection with the spirochete bacteria Borrelia. The most important and best-known way to contract a Borelia infection is through a tick bite, but mosquitoes, fleas and lice can also transmit this bacteria.

Borrelia is very good at disguising and hiding. The disease of Lyme is therefore the chameleon of diseases , which makes tracing it incredibly difficult. In practice, we work with the Lecher antenna, among other things. This is an energetic method to detect possible Lyme contamination.

The usual Lyme tests via a general practitioner or hospital are often antibody tests, such as the ELISA test and the Western Blot test, but these tests have unfortunately proved insufficiently reliable.

At Den Hoek we have a collaboration with Pro Health. This is the only laboratory in the Netherlands that specializes in Lyme diagnostics. Annette is authorized to collect and submit blood on behalf of Pro Health.

Vitamins, minerals, a complete blood count and liver and kidney functions can also be requested for support. A Borelia infection (but also other chronic infectious diseases) can cause disruptions or deficiencies in this. The lack of an Erythema Migrans after a tick bite (the well-known red circle) does not mean that there is no infection. A good intake and the mapping of complaints is extremely important to get a good picture and to initiate the correct treatment. Annette uses, among other things, the questionnaire of dr. Horrowitz.

The disease progresses through different phases and various co-infections and opportune infections can occur. This often makes it difficult to treat a (possible) Lyme infection effectively in a regular manner.

Experience has taught us that an adequate treatment is a combination of an energetic treatment, increasing resistance, supported by natural medication and possibly supplements.

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