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Read more about healing with sound and electromagenic waves and how this is used as a treatment method at Den Hoek.

look at the informative video about the operation and implantation of gold beads. Read more about gold beads. .

The TetaCheck for horses! By means of a blood test it can be determined whether there are still sufficient antibodies in the horse’s body against Tetanus or whether the horse needs to be vaccinated. Read more about vaccinations in horses and the TetaCheck .

Interview Eric Laarakker
Find out about holistic protocol and ongoing research. source: Els Smit, Journal of Natural Medicine, Jan 2016

Read more about the cause and symptoms on our website Ataxia and Kissing Spines in horses. In addition, there are also articles about it hernia in the dog and ticks and Lyme disease in dogs & cats.

Lyme disease in horses: information about ticks and the various diseases that can develop after a bite in horses.

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