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STOP! EXTRA ProtecTick

15,99 inc BTW

‘Give it up’ next to the STOP! drops , where the ambient pressure is high or with a thick coat

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In addition to the stop drops.

Some animals may be more susceptible than others, depending on health, habitat, coat and weather conditions. Additional protection may then be required. This spray with synergistic plant extracts creates an unpleasant living environment for uninvited guests in addition to the STOP! drops. If necessary, can be used daily, also with puppies and kittens.

Spray benefits

  • Green alternative!
  • External application
  • ‘Go for it’ when using the drops where the ambient pressure is high or with a thick coat
  • Use is possible in an environment with puppies, kittens and nursing animals
  • Humans and animals are allowed to touch the animal after application
  • Safe for (small) children and pregnant women


  • For external use
  • Shake before use and then spray evenly over the coat (possibly first in your own hand and then distribute)
  • This product can be used daily when necessary
  • The product may be used more often in animals with a thick coat
  • Reapply after swimming

125 ml

For further product information, please refer to the website

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