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Ask me anything session April 3

Question: “What can be a cause of gas colic (other than sugars/grass)? And how can you prevent gas colic?”
➡️ An excess of sugars and starches are one of the main contributors. In addition, insufficient exercise can also play an important role.

So exercise, a good ration and careful building up with the transition to pasture season are incredibly important in preventing gas colic.

In addition, a disruption of the intestinal flora can be a cause of colic, think of (too much) fungi in the gut.

For questions or more information about this may always contact the practice.

Q: “Little late, but what is the best thing to give or do to a horse that is bothered by the pollen in the air.”
➡️ In allergy, the immune system is overstimulated; it reacts too violently. Therefore, it is important to support the immune system; Phytonics Immu boost Pro, for example, can be used for this purpose. The Pro is especially for an overstimulated immune system.

In addition, there are several support products on the market such as PUUR Pollen and PUUR Apis. Which one will work best for your horse is so hard to say because not all animals are allergic to the same pollen.
For appropriate advice, please feel free to
the practice.

Question: “How do I know exactly what type of horse I have? Wood, fire, metal etc. Mare, despite being outside all day, is easily restless, even in the stable, and would like to know if possibly an herbal supplement could affect her character/behavior.”
➡️ Often you see in animals that 1 type prevails, but they are never 100% 1 type. Eric Laarakker’s book “Horse Type” already explains a lot.

Should there be any questions or if you need help with this, you may always call the telephone consultation hour on Thursday mornings between 08.30 – 09.00 without obligation.

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