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Tendon problems dog and cat

Problems with tendons and ligaments

These disorders are usually of a long-term nature. It is often also impossible to say with certainty what exactly the problem is, because these structures are not visible on the X-ray.

The advantage of the diagnosis with the Lecher Antenna is, that it can quickly be identified which structures are the cause of the long-term lameness in your pet. Regularly the results with the lecher antenna show that the tendons and ligaments are affected. These tissues heal difficult and slowly because blood flow is minimal here. With treatment it is possible to support and accelerate this process.

The torn front knee ligament is an extreme example of a tendon and / or ligament problem. Once this band is completely torned, surgical intervention will be the only way to restore stability to the joint. Since osteoarthritis often develops in this joint after surgery, supportive treatments can be a good addition. Even if surgery is not an option for some reason, you can contact us for tendon problems in dogs and cats in order to guide your animal as optimally as possible.

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