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Treatment with sound

Treatment with sound and electromagnetic waves

We have succeeded in converting all frequencies into sound waves and electromagnetic waves, with the help of biologists and ICT specialists. We use both for treating humans and animals.

The sound and electromagnetic waves cause the water around and in an organ to vibrate in such a way that it returns to its original harmonic balance. This allows the organ to function normally again and healing begins.

Our sound program contains a number of unique things, one of which is that the overtones are built in. Treating it purely with computers and sound is not desirable because the computer cannot produce beautiful waves and certainly no overtones. And the overtones are necessary! This sound program does produce 8 harmonic tones. One tone is not enough because there is a ying tone and a yang tone, this program searches them together and plays them at the same time.

Furthermore, it has been shown that frequencies are never actually the same, in the winter, for example, your kidney has a different vibration level than in the summer. That quantum information (and therefore nothing in the body) is a constant, while we (the human being) try to make it.

We have found that the constant varies with the so-called “analemma’, this is the position of the sun in relation to the earth.

All data from NASA about the position of the sun is built into this unique program, the computer program adjusts itself automatically, so the sound frequencies are almost never the same.

The program that was written today can also be used tomorrow, next week or next month because it adapts. So it makes no sense to record the program and play it at home.

The more the program can adapt to the body, the more natural it is, the more the body will accept it. If it is an unnatural sound, the body will actually resist.

Besides the adaptability to the specific day of play, the high quality of the speakers, the amplifiers and even the wiring are of great importance. Everything to get the purest possible tone. The purer the tone, the better it works.

Each patient receives his own composed, unique, program that includes the chakras, the meridian systems and the physical systems. In addition, there are also a number of fixed programs for certain conditions.

The body needs time to get into a new balance, which is why there is a certain period between the treatments. In practice, we notice that once every 2 to 3 weeks is sufficient.

The therapist decides how much time it takes for that patient, which is not a fixed protocol. In some serious cases, for example, a certain period of time once a week is necessary.

It is also impossible to determine in advance how often a treatment must be repeated, every body is different and reacts differently. Most patients are well on their way with 3 to 4 treatments.

In the meantime, programs can be adjusted if desired.

Treat with electromagnetic waves

Furthermore, a new method has also been developed to also be able to treat with electromagnetic waves, this is done by means of a device: the Harmonic Balance.

This is a system in which it has been possible to transfer electromagnetic frequencies as carried waves onto a carrier wave of a Tesla coil.

A Tesla coil generates a large electromagnetic field, comparable to a WIFI station, but not harmful. The necessary frequencies of the body are placed in that electromagnetic field via the Harmonics line and the quantum information of medicines, herbs, etc.

As a receiving station, blankets have been specially developed for our practice that are provided with a specific grid structure by means of gold and silver wire. These can receive the vibrations and give them back to the water structure in the body.

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