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Allergy horse

Allergy horse

Allergic complaints in horses are increasing.

This can manifest itself in problems of:

  • the skin
  • gastrointestinal tract
  • respiratory tract.

The complaints that accompany this can vary from;

  • itching
  • diarrhea
  • cough
  • rolling, rubbing
  • head shaking
  • stamping, etc.

Just like for regular medicine, allergies are for holistic treatment quite a challenge. The advantage of the latter is that the whole of the animal is immediately looked at, so that other organ dysfunctions and more emotional / energetic problems are immediately included in the treatment. The correct diet is also sought, if this is important.

Often these patients have had an allergy for months or years and it is a complex problem that is not limited to just the skin or the intestines. With good guidance and the right supportive means, we try to improve the situation for the animal in such a way that chemical means need to be used as little as possible.

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