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Back problems dogs

Back problems dogs

The most common back problems in dogs are:

  • hernia
  • spondylosis
  • vertebral blockages

We have specialized in the treatment of back problems for over 26 years. During these years of experience, it has been shown that the treatments for back issues in dogs with acupuncture and manipulation, among other things, give very good results in the reduction of pain complaints and loss of symptoms. Certainly if these are supported with the help of  phytotherapeutic remedies.

In the case of hernia and spondylosis, manipulation of the spine is usually not desired and the treatment will mainly consist of acupuncture. Also in dogs, back problems often occur as a result of one or more vertebral deformities. This can arise as a result of locomotion problems, which can cause abnormal stress on the back and vertebral blockages.

Primary vertebral blockages can also occur due to trauma (such as falling, rough play, etc.). These complaints can often be treated with various manipulative techniques, possibly in combination with acupuncture.

The techniques used for back problems include:
Manual therapy
Neural Therapy
• Movement advice

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