Den Hoek

A holistic treatment is ideally suited for chronic conditions and problems where a clear diagnosis cannot be made. For example:


A holistic treatment consists of a combination of different therapies. Experience has shown that the effect is greater by combining different forms of therapy.


The puncturing of certain points on the skin to get energy in balance.


Chiropractic focuses on the spine, legs and nervous system.


Treatment with sound and the Harmonics balancer (electromagnetic waves).

Manual therapy

Treat joint blockages and movement restrictions.


Supportive therapy based on herbal remedies / herbs.

Neural Therapy

Blockages with therapeutic local anesthesia.


Continuous stimulation of acupuncture points for pain relief.


Vaccination and Titer testing to see if sufficient antibodies are present in the blood.


Complete nutrition and additional nutrients in the form of nutritional supplements.

Human nutrition

Tailor-made advice based on the 5-element types and constitution.

Pet nutrition

Balanced nutrition based on your animal's health, constitution, season and age. 


Blood test, manure test for horse, dog & cat. Vaccinations and Titer testing.

Case Study
Implant gold beads

This video shows how gold beads are implanted according to the protocol used at Den Hoek.
The gold beads are implanted on an Icelandic horse and all steps are described. The results after 6 weeks were also filmed.

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