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Water is vital, 99% of your molecules consist of water. That is why the structure of water determines for 99% the quality of your life.
Eric Laarakker, Dolf Zantinge and a team of scientists have been researching the structure of water for years. They have succeeded in changing the structure of the molecules in water to coherent.
The informative film below explains more about this.

For detailed information, please refer to the Analemma’s website.

Do you want to make coherent water yourself at home?

The necessary water tubes can be ordered via the webshop of Analemma .
The water tube consists of a quartz glass rod with a stainless steel handle and is filled with full spectrum coherent water®.
The water tube is available with a stainless steel protective cover or a walnut protective cover .

water rod with stainless steel protective cover
water rod with walnut wood protective cover

Informative film about coherent water

The film below provides an explanation of coherent water and its importance.

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