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Chronic kidney problems in cats

Chronic kidney problems in cats

Prognosis of kidney problems in cats

The prognosis of a cat with chronic renal failure is reserved. In general, the course cannot be clearly determined, which can make it emotionally difficult for the owner. In our practice, we try, where possible, to prevent, treat and limit the negative effects of reduced kidney function in kidney problems.

Diagnosis and treatment

Where necessary, we combine our holistic diagnosis with regular veterinary diagnosis, which will also include referral to specialists in certain cases. In addition, we use various treatment methods such as nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic and manual therapy.

We focus on improving kidney function and on protecting remaining kidney tissue, so that the other organs function in a good balance. With reduced functioning of the kidneys, the body will produce more waste products, so that the cat will poison its own body more and more. This causes other complaints, which contribute to a serious illness of the cat.

Treatment for kidney problems in cats will generally start with acupuncture and energetic treatment, followed by chiropractic and manual therapy. In addition, the cat will receive medication/supplements to further support the effect of the treatment.

We can also give advice on the correct nutrition so that the kidneys are burdened as little as possible. In this way it is prevented that the kidney tissue does not have to function excessively and can recover if possible.

Preventive treatment in chronic renal failure cats

As with more chronic conditions: prevention is better than cure. We recommend an annual check-up from the age of 7-8, so that any impaired kidney function is detected at an early stage and the result of the treatment is as effective as possible.

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