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Implanting gold beads

Implanting gold beads

Implanting gold beads on specific acupuncture points provides continuous stimulation of these points for pain relief.

The implantation of gold beads can be applied to both small pets and horses.


For chronic pain due to locomotion problems, in particular degenerative joint diseases (with or without arthrosis). Think of chronic back problems, such as kissing spines, hip dysplasia (HD) and elbow dysplasia (ED) and lumbosacral stenosis.


The main purpose is to take away / reduce the pain. Joint changes cannot be remedied, but sometimes the arthrosis can be inhibited / reduced.


By implanting gold beads on specific acupuncture points you get continuous stimulation at these points. As a result, in most cases you will see a quick and long-lasting reduction in pain. At Den Hoek we determine these acupuncture points very accurately by means of the Lecher antenna. This not only uses the normal acupuncture points, but also the specific points that that animal needs. This optimizes the result. Years of experience have shown that not every complaint needs the same approach. Every animal is unique and every complaint is unique.

For example, in HD cases, the success rate is around 80%, with these dogs still pain-free years later. In old age, the complaints can come back somewhat due to further development of arthrosis and sometimes extra treatment by means of acupuncture is necessary.


Dogs (and cats) must be fasted, this does not apply to horses.
The animals receive as light sedation as possible.

The places where the gold beads are implanted are shaved and disinfected. With a hollow needle, the 1 / 2mm large gold beads are inserted deep into the muscles.


Gold has a strong toning or stimulating effect on the acupuncture points and our experience is the purer the gold, the better and longer the effect. That is why only 24 carat gold is used.


A follow-up consult is scheduled 6 weeks after the procedure to evaluate how the treatment has worked. The gold beads are thenlong enough in the body to see improvement.

For more information about the results, you can check the gold beads perception research. And you can read more about gold bead therapy by humans via this link (a German-language article).


Watch this informative video about the effect and implantation of gold beads in horses

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