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“No one understands how water works “

Eric Laarakker is an equine physician, co-founder of Analemma water and has a fascination with nature in general and water in particular, drawing inspiration from Rudolf Steiner, Viktor Schauberger, Masaru Emoto and others. Steven the Elder interviews him about his findings.

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“We are a colony of bacteria, in a pool of water, controlled by the cosmos “
~ Eric Laarakker

Water the carrier of vital information. Now let that totally tie in with Giovanne’s conversation with Eric Laarakker, the co-developer of Analemma Water! Especially now that he has launched a new initiative for medicine based on information frequencies.

Information travels via light, sound and water, and these media no longer hold secrets for Eric. He has spent his life mesmerized by how nature works and how it relates to vital health.

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Dr. Eric Laarakker and Dolf Zantinge of the innovative water structuring brand, Analemma, reaffirm what we know to be true: water is so much more than H2O. It is all around us – in the air, in our food and in our bodies.

They bring an expert perspective in this podcast of “The Life Stylist. There they talk to Luke Storey about the Analemma water bar. What it does to the water it is exposed to, and what important benefits water they call “cohesive” can have for our health and the natural world.

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Co-founder of Analemma, Dr. Eric Laarakker helps Mother Earth and her inhabitants through tools that structure water. Okay… and then?

99% Of your molecules are made up of water. You are a walking bag of water. Water has the infinite capacity to store and transmit information. We act as if it’s perfectly normal, drinking water. But what are we actually drinking? And what are our cells exposed to day in and day out? And what impact does this have on body, mind and spirit?

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What do ‘famous’ horse people think about horse welfare in the Netherlands?
Emiel Voest in search of the answer and travels through the country for good conversations.

In this PODCAST Emiel takes his guest Eric Laarakker on ROLLS for a good conversation about the influence of veterinary medicine on the welfare of horses.

Watch and listen to the first podcast of the series with Eric.

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