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Reproduction horse

Reproduction horse

Gynecological problems in the mare

For your mare who has already been inseminated several times and has not become pregnant, a holistic treatment can provide good support. The problem can be present for a number of years (never stopped) or in a season after several inseminations.

We prefer to see the mares early in the season to bring them into balance, so that the mare is hormonally, internally and sometimes emotionally ready for pregnancy.

It is not the case that the entire pregnancy supervision with inseminations can also take place here at the practice, that will have to be done at your regular vet or stallion owner.

Of course we can also try to get a mare that has been inseminated several times on the road later in the season, but the treatment takes time.

This can sometimes take several times of a mare in heat, so that the moment of insemination has to wait a few weeks, but this must still fit within the season.

Ultimately, the mare is already ready to be inseminated in a healthy system for the next season.

There is also the problem of the mares with behavioral problems surrounding the stallion. These also fit into the aforementioned framework and can be discussed here.

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