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Holistic treatment

Holistic Medicine

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. That means that everything is conncected. By seeing the animal in totality and treating it with different therapies you will achieve a better result.

In holistic medicine we look at the animal based on three layers:

  • physical
  • energetically
  • emotional

It often happens that the animal’s problem has several causes. In holistic medicine we try to find these multiple causes and treat them all.

Holos means “the whole”

On the page treatment method you can find more information about the forms of therapy that are used. In addition, we have described various complaints on this site horse , dog & cat , whereby a holistic treatment can provide good support. Read more about our human treatment .

Regular care is also an important aspect for the patien. In case of severe acute problems, it is wise to first consult your regular doctor. Even if we consider it necessary prior to or during the consult that regular medical care is required, we will refer you to colleagues. For example X-rays, ultrasounds, etc.

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