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Respiratory problems in dogs & cats

Various respiratory diseases occur in dogs & cats. It concerns both acute respiratory problems and chronic problems. The problems are divided into complaints from:

  • the front airways: throat, nasal passages and trachea
  • the posterior airways: the bronchi and alveoli

In this article we discuss the holistic vision and treatment at Den Hoek.

Holistic vision

From a holistic point of view, we also look at respiratory problems in a different way. Particularly with long-term respiratory problems that do not respond to the usual medication, it is important to find out the underlying cause for the problems.

From acupuncture, the lung provides breathing and distribution of energy. She also plays an important role in keeping skin and coat healthy. The lungs are the contact between the body and the environment. Lungs are weakened by the emotions of worry and sadness.

The lungs have a close relationship with the colon. Together they form the element Metal

We often see that the respiratory problems are accompanied by problems of the skin such as dry scaly skin, allergies, itching and / or problems of the colon such as diarrhea, a lot of gas in the intestines, a lot of fattening / defecation.

In our way of treatment we look for the (possible underlying) cause and search for the best treatment.

  • If animals have respiratory problems, ensure proper treatment of the problem.
  • Provide plenty of fresh air and adjust the environment if necessary.
  • For pets it is important to regularly ventilate the house (windows open), preferably not to smoke in the house and to vacuum the basket regularly. In addition, it is advisable to avoid (excessive) use of air fresheners, incense and candles.

Causes of respiratory problems

  • infections: virus, bacteria, fungus, in my foals: worm dust (hay, straw)
  • long-term emotional stress: allergy (e.g. due to pollen)
  • insufficient fresh air

Symptoms of respiratory problems

  • cough
  • stuffiness
  • nasal discharge
  • fever
  • reduced stamina
  • abnormal breathing
  • thick glands in throat area


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  • Acupuncture

Respiratory problems in cats

In our practice we mainly see respiratory problems in pets in companion animals. Most of the time, these cats have had trouble breathing for years. Often it goes well for a period, but shorter or longer attacks of breathing problems with or without coughing fits regularly. Chronic problems in the front airways are also frequent, such as sneezing, tearing eyes and snot nose.

If we measure these patients, we usually see that an underlying infection is the cause that appears to have been in the body for a long time. It is usually difficult to treat because it is generally viral. Owners therefore come up with the story that a course of antibiotics provides relief, but does not work permanently. With means that tackle the virus and increase the resistance, we usually see these animals recover quite quickly. Of course, other causes, as described below, are also possible in cats. This quickly becomes clear by measuring with the Lecher Antenna.

author: Drs. A. ten Napel, Drs, F. Kokke, Drs M. Sliedrecht
© 2014 Den Hoek, Holistic practice for animals & humans. Nothing from this article may be used without permission.

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