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Laser therapy

Laser therapy

All our veterinarians basically work the same way, but over the years they naturally develop their own methods.

In addition to the classic acupuncture some vets have additional techniques they use. Aleid Hillebranduses sometimes a laser pen to apply acupuncture.

“Sometimes I use a laser pen to stimulate acupuncture points instead of using needles. Laser light is another way to stimulate the points and thus can also be used to give acupuncture treatment.”

For a number of patients, this proves to be a godsend, as they do not like the needles, for example.

Very frightened animals also benefit from this technique because it reduces the need to be touched.

Aleid: “I also work a lot with rabbits and especially with them I find the laser very pleasant to work with. Of course, there are other “non-invasive” ways to stimulate acupuncture points that we also use at Den Hoek, such as using the gold and silver
Ankh needles and acupuncture ointment. For each patient I analyse what method is

Since the 1980s and 1990s Laser has been
acupuncture used, during the same period it also gained its place in mainstream medicine. However, the intensity of the laser light used for acupuncture is weaker than for regular medicine and is therefore safe and not painful.

Laser light consists of highly concentrated beams of light and passes through the skin. The red light has one specific wavelength which stimulates cells and the mitochondria in the cells in that area. The light also moves through the meridian (fascia) as well as having an effect further up the

Over the past decade, studies have shown increased evidence
emerged that the meridians known in Oriental medicine are actually the fascia (connective tissue) that surrounds the muscles, bones and organs
sits. Consider, for example, sinews that run through meat and muscle groups and seperate each other
, but also connect them.

This theory of fascia can be used to explain why stimulation by laser light or a needle in the foot, for example, has an effect on organs in the body. The fascia connects everything together.

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