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Ask me anything session

Ask me anything session 19/3

Can you also give gluco balance consecutively? Without the stop week? Our mare responds immediately after stopping for a few days with harder mane can and tighter muscles on the hindquarters.

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Ask me anything 23/1

In your opinion, what is the best course of treatment for a horse with peptic ulcer?” First, try to find out whether the ulcer is a primary or secondary problem.

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Ask me anything 31/10

Our cat sneezes a lot, what can I give her?” This may indicate sneezing disease, a viral infection. It is important to start treating this.

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Questions fire 17/10

Q: “On your site there is a piece about drinking water for horses. Now they have groundwater at a friend’s barn, which also smells very much like iron and it is very green and there are

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Ask me anything 3/10

Can the supplements Gluco Balance and Hypo Balance be used together for a horse with PPID and EMS, in addition to 0.25-0.5 tablet of Pergoquin per day

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