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Manual therapy

Manual therapy

Manual therapy focuses on finding and (as far as possible) recover joint blockages and movement restrictions by means of mobilization and manipulation. Manual therapy often consists of a combination of several techniques from both osteopathy and chiropractic.

Especially for horses it is extremely important to be able to use the back smoothly in connection with the load on the back by the rider and the work to be performed.

“Behavioral problems” such as rearing and bucking are often indicative of a blockage of one or more vertebrae. Shortened steps, lameness, head shaking, difficulty bending the neck and various other complaints can also be the result of a vertebral blockage.

The cause of a spinal blockage can be very diverse:

  • lying in a stable
  • slipping / falling
  • technical riding problems
  • problems with internal organs can also lead to pain or a blockage in the spine. On the other hand, internal problems can also be caused by vertebral blockages.

Of course, manual therapy, chiropractic and osteopathy can also be used for animals such as dogs and cats.

If a form of manual therapy is used for your horse, you should not ride your horse for the first 3 days (or longer on the advice of the veterinarian) after the treatment, because the back can be painful after the treatment and strain is then unwanted. You can lunge your horse (as long as not with auxiliary reins!) And / or go for a walk.

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