Den Hoek

Treatment dog and cat

A holistic treatment is ideally suited for chronic conditions and problems where a clear diagnosis cannot be made. For example:

The treatment protocol is in principle suitable for all animal species. The small animals that are generally treated here are dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. If you want to know the possibilities for your dog, cat or other pets, you can Contact us.

You can contact us for health and training advice, for example if you are not satisfied with the performance and condition of your animal. You can also have your animal checked preventively, such as the check-up of your new pet. This can be a puppy or kitten, but of course also an older dog or cat.During the consultation you can be advised on the method of vaccination , whereby the immune system of your animal is burdened as little as possible.

However, it does not mean that regular care is no longer required. Sometimes it is wise to consult your regular doctor first. This certainly applies to severe acute complaints. If it seems necessary during the consultation that regular medical care is required, we will refer you to colleagues. For example X-rays, ultrasounds, etc.

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