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Aleid Hillebrand

Aleid Hillebrand

After graduating from the University of Ghent (Belgium) I went to the UK and worked for a number of years in England and Wales as a regular veterinarian for small animals. Unfortunately I became ill and was unable to work for a while. During this period I have experienced the limitations of Western medicine alone and that has opened me up to the possibility of other healing methods. I am now a great proponent of complementary (veterinary) medicine: Western and ‘alternative’ are not mutually exclusive as far as I am concerned, they complement each other very nicely and that can have a very powerful effect.

At first I followed the Lecher antenna course at Healthcare academy Den Hoek, then the Connection course and also the IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture course. After I successfully completed the latter, I returned to work as an independent holistic veterinarian. I am proud to work at Den Hoek two days a week!

Sometimes I use a laser pen to stimulate acupuncture points, instead of using needles. This appears to be a solution for a number of patients, because not every animal (and this also applies to humans) likes needles. Especially for rabbits I find the laser very pleasant to work. Of course there are other “non-invasive” ways to stimulate acupuncture points that we also use at Den Hoek.

One of my other interests is nutrition, because I have noticed the influence of nutrition in my own illness and recovery. That is why I followed a Food Therapy Course for animals. This allows me to schedule special nutritional consultations. Diet often plays a role in the development of an imbalance in the body, so it can also be used to correct the imbalance. It is nice to see that sometimes big differences can occur with small adjustments.

My greatest passion lies with dogs, but rabbits and cats are of course more than welcome!

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