The patient of the month - Hassan

Almost everyone who has any connection with our practice probably knows him: Hassan, Eric’s Arabian thoroughbred stallion.

In the winter months he is regularly in the paddock next to the parking lot and in the summer months he is in the meadow.

He also appears on the cover of the book “Horse Types”, but this was in his younger years.

Hassan is now of age, although he does not behave like this. Almost 28 years old, but still gallops proudly in the meadow next to “his” mares.

Unfortunately, Hassan is not always careful with himself. We sometimes jokingly say “he must have at least 9 lives”.

At the beginning of September 2019 it was that time again, for unknown cause Eric found him in the meadow with a serious wound on his right front leg just above his fetlock joint.

Stitching was not an option. The wound was not fresh enough for that and was also in a very bad spot.

It didn’t look good for Hassan, such a nasty wound at that age. We feared a poor recovery and permanent lameness.

Of course Hassan had to be on antibiotics to prevent inflammation. He also got Traumeel for the swelling and Phytonics Strezz for the physical and mental stress.

The wound was rinsed several times a day with water for the first days and then treated with Phytonics Wound cream.

He was also treated a number of times with sound therapy especially for recovery.

The first few days he found himself very pathetic, now it is also a Fire type so that was not surprising.

But he soon recovered noticeably. Within a week he was galloping through the meadow again.

As soon as the wound started to granulate (form new tissue), there was no more rinsing with water. Only Wound cream was applied several times a day and within a few weeks the wound was closed! Even we were amazed at this.

In the meantime there is practically nothing left of it, he walks completely clean again and is once again the King Hassan he always was.

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