Den Hoek

Chantal Rijkhoff

Chantal Rijkhoff

In 2002 I graduated as a veterinarian in Small animals / Horse. After several years of working in primary care practices, this did not give the satisfaction I was looking for.

After a side step, I decided to follow the two-year course FES (chiropractic). Then I started following the IVAS certified veterinary acupuncture education, the Connection sensor course and the Lecher antenna course.

My motivation is to contribute to the welfare of horses. Whether you have a horse for rides or to compete, it is our duty to the horses to ensure that they are ‘in their own skin’ as much as possible. So that they can do what we expect from them with pleasure.

In complementary veterinary medicine I found the way for me to contribute to this. Regular and complementary veterinary medicine complement each other very nicely and the combination can lead to very good results.

In my own practice I treat horses, dogs and cats. At Den Hoek I mainly treat horses.

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