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Efipain 50ml

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Provides support for sensitive movements.

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Unless otherwise prescribed by a healthcare practitioner, 2 x daily:

Adults 12 drops
Child 6 to 12 years 6 drops
Child under 6 years old 3 drops

For animals under six months of age, personal advice is required. Please contact your veterinarian or us for this.

1 ml = 20 drops
Do not exceed the prescribed dosage.

Shake well before use.

For humans and animals
In the Phytonics series, a number of products are available in veterinary (blue) and human (green) packaging. Started in 2010 for animals, the demand for the same products for humans quickly arose. The content is the same, only the label looks different due to the applicable regulations.

In the future we would like to simplify this and opt for either a veterinary or a humane label.

Within the Phytonics series, all ingredients are of ‘human grade’ quality. The products are suitable for every living being. As a rule, the sensitivity to these agents is the same for humans and horses, regardless of the kilos. The dosage for adults is the same as for horses. The dosage for children 6-12 years is good for dogs and cats. Of course, supplementation according to need also applies here. Look closely at the reaction to the drops and adjust the dosage if necessary.


Give this product with a plastic syringe directly into the mouth, possibly diluted with a little water.

Preferably not at the same time as a meal because the product works better when it is absorbed by the clean oral mucosa.

If an animal does not like the product, the drops can be given on a small piece of treat.

If it is difficult in practice to administer this product several times a day, once a day or once every 2 days is sufficient. Then give the maximum dose of one day. Even then this product can be used effectively, but reaction may take a little longer.

In case of improvement, a maintenance dose can be switched. This is usually half the dosage indicated on the package. When dosing this product, look carefully at the reaction of the animal. In the beginning a higher dose may be required, this product can be safely given in a double dose. When improving, gradually reduce the dose to the lowest possible dose.

With a number of products, a short-term aggravation may occur at the start of treatment. This means that the animal reacts to the product. In the event of a serious increase, halve the dose or stop it temporarily and then slowly build up again. When in doubt, always contact your attending veterinarian or therapist.

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