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PUUR Glucosamine extra 1000 g PP

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For product information, please refer to the NML Health website ( .

1 – 2 x daily (1 scoop contains about 9 grams)
Horse 1 scoop
Pony 2/3 scoop

If it is difficult in practice to administer this product several times a day, 1 time per day or 1 time per 2 days is sufficient. Then give the maximum dose of one day. Even then, this product can be used effectively, but a response may take a little longer.

Please note: the horse variant differs from the dog variant due to Ginger in PUUR Glucosamine extra / Glucosamine complete 500g and 1000g for horse and pony.

Can be given through food. Moisten the powder so it doesn’t get blown out of the food bowl. Watch the animal’s reaction carefully. Give the necessary rest, but also make sure you exercise. In case of pain when moving, it is wise to regularly take short walks with the animal. Straight line movements are especially good for keeping joints flexible and strengthening ligaments and tendons. Stopping and turning abruptly, such as playing with other animals for example, should be avoided. This puts too much stress on the muscles, tendons and joints.

Duration of treatment
With prolonged discomfort, the effect is usually visible after 2 to 3 weeks. When there is improvement, a maintenance dose can be used. This is usually half the dosage indicated on the package. When dosing this product, pay close attention to the reaction of the animal. A higher dose may be required in the beginning, this product can be safely given in a double dose. Reduce the dose gradually to the lowest possible dose. This product can be given permanently.

Interaction and Contraindication
Always apply during pregnancy and lactation in consultation with the attending veterinarian. To date, side effects of this product are not known or reported.

Avoid direct sunlight and store this product in a dry place and at a temperature between 5-20 °C. Keep out of reach of children. The best before date is stated at the bottom left of the label or under the jar.

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