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Traumeel gel 250gr

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Applied in the aftermath of injuries and trauma, such as sprain, muscle pain, contusion due to trauma/injury and e.g. post-operative trauma

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Content: 250ml

Suitable for: Human, Cat, Dog, Rodent, Horse, Pony, Bird

Arnica montana D3, Symphytum officinale D4, Hypericum perforatum D6, Mercurius solubilis D6, Hepar sulphur D6, Aconitum napellus D1, Belladonna D1, Calendula officinalis , Hamamelis virginiana , Echinachea angustifolia , Echinacea purpurea Millefolium , Carbopol 980NF, Ehanolium 96%v/v, Methyl-, Propyl-p-hudroxybenzoase 0.1%.

Indication (s):

  • Homeopathic medicine used as a broad spectrum anti-phlogistic, in the event of injuries and trauma, for example fractures, distortions and luxations, contusions, burns, post-operative and post-traumatic tissue swelling, hematomas. In inflammatory processes such as phlegmons, abscesses, anal gland inflammation, otitides, fluor albus, dermatids, conjunctivitis, mastitis.
  • In inflammation and degenerative processes associated with inflammation, in particular of the musculoskeletal system such as arthritis, tendovaginitis, bursitis.

Dosage and application:
Unless otherwise prescribed, apply in the morning and evening, more often if necessary, to the affected areas (also on abrasions), if necessary. under bandage.

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