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Ask me anything session August 8

Question: “What would you advice with an older dog regarding being stiff?”
➡️ Assuming the stiffness is coming from the joints, you can choose Phytonics Joint comp, for example. A complete supplement, with all the building blocks to support smooth movement. In older animals you sometimes also see stiffness specifically in the lower back or an aggravation during wet and cold periods, then it may be that the kidney energy could use some support. Around the joints there are many acupuncture points, at these points energy can be exchanged and particularly the entry of energy is important here.
Cold and wind can enter a joint and cause a cold and stiff joint. Therefore, there are often more joint problems in the winter. Difficulty getting up and taking longer to become supple are often the most common complaints.
The kidneys, which are located in the area of the lower back, are also very sensitive to cold and this further intensifies the symptoms we see during wet and cold periods.
Ask “What is Mother Earth all good for?”
➡️ Mother Earth binds waste materials and disposes of them. It provides a good acid-base balance in the stomach. Also, Mother Earth contains a broad spectrum of every conceivable mineral trace element with a relatively high content of silicon.
Suitable as a correction of calcium phosphorus ratio when feeding a lot of grains or bran. ( source
Question: “How is it that the same horse in a group is always infected with worms and the other horses are not?
What can you do to get and keep this horse worm free without having to give worm cures all the time? He has had a full pot of Micro comp now but at the last manure test unfortunately still too many eggs in the manure while the other horses were clean. The manure in the pasture and paddock is cleaned out every day.”
➡️ Often these horses themselves have inadequate resistance in the intestines. Every horse basically has worms, however, it is the quantity that determines whether it is really a problem or not. The key is to see if the intestinal flora can be restored to normal. Whether this succeeds depends on several factors and in any case is a process that takes months and
Question: “Do you also work with lasers or magnet therapy?”
➡️ Some veterinarians use laser acupuncture. All about our treatment methods can be found on our website:
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