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Ask me anything October 17

Q: “Both of our ponies (19 and 30 years old) both tested for cushing this week, no results yet (unfortunately lost our other pony because of this).
Once read that with cushing you can do something with herbs, what is your advice in this?”
➡️ Phytonics Hypo balance is a nice complete product which can support this. If overweight, it can be combined with Phytonics Gluco balance. Sugar metabolism is often an issue in horses and ponies with PPID.

Question: “What do you do with a cat with a fungal infection in his ear, are there homeopathic remedies for that? Regular remedies for ear infections don’t seem to work for quite some time… Pure auris seems to give some results but not enough…”
➡️ We often see that the fungal infection is a secondary problem and the cause lies elsewhere. Often a feeding problem. But of course, this can only be ascertained through a consultation. Tackling the fungus from the inside and supporting resistance can be very useful. This can be done, for example, by combining Phytonics Micro comp and All sept.

Q: “My 3-year-old has a crack in his hoof. Looks like a burst hoof ulcer. It is an inch below his crown rim and is about an inch long. Not hot, not been lame, just a little sensitive when I press on it. Should I pack his hoof or just let it air dry?”
➡️ Without knowing exactly what the cause is, there is no good advice for this. It is wise to have this assessed by an expert, such as a farrier.

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