Roadmap for fireworks

The run-up to New Years eve s a major source of stress for a large number of animals; fireworks. Distressed owners will then contact us. They are looking for a ready-made, preferably quick solution. Every year it turns out that many animal owners only remember at the first bang that they have an animal with a fear of fireworks, and then it is often already too late.

A solid, natural support for fireworks fear is most effective when it is started on time, so before the first bangs occur. Some animals are not impressed by a bang, others are startled but recover quickly. In many animals, however, one bang is the start of an almost panic fear that is difficult to suppress. In such severe cases, the following roadmap can be used:

from ± December 1: Phytonics Strezz
from ± December 15th: Puur Nervo
on the actual days: Terra (Dutch blossom remedy) or Bach Rescue Remedy.

Strezz is a phytotherapeutic agent that is prescribed for acute and chronic stress, both physical and emotional. Strezz is particularly effective for animals that are in a continuous state of unrest during the month of December. Strezz reduces the feeling of stress and anxiety. It acts specifically on the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis and promotes the recovery of an overloaded nervous system and recovery from emotional and physical trauma. Strezz has a relaxing effect without dulling the animal.

Also in other periods is Strezz applicable in many situations, for example to reduce pre- and postoperative stress or to promote physical and emotional recovery after trauma. Strezz contains Montmorillonite, a catalyst of phytotherapeutics and is therefore very powerful. Strezz is therefore only sold on prescription from the veterinarian or animal (physical) therapist.

Puur Nervo is a diluted extract of Avena sativa, Passiflora incarnata, Rhododendron and Borax. It can be used in all situations of fear and anxiety, including fear of fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises.

Puur Nervo has a calming effect without dulling the animal. Avena sativa (oats) and Passiflora incarnata (flesh-colored passion flower) have a calming effect. Rhododendron (Goudazalea) reduces the fear of thunder and storm. Borax is particularly effective for fear of sudden, loud noises, such as fireworks.

When nevertheless, often unexpectedly, explodes near a firecracker or a screaming kitchen maid flies past, Bach Rescue can be used as an immediate calming agent. The Bach Rescue is available in spray and drop form. The drops can be dripped preventively through (for example) the drinking water before the fireworks start, the spray immediately provides peace in stressful situations. The Bach Rescue is a combination of five different flower remedies. Rock Rose for panic and shock, impatience and irritation, Clematis for clarity of mind, Star of Bethlehem for shock and Cherry Plum for lack of self-control.

For more information about this you can Contact us.

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