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The effect of Gluco Balance

Investigation of the effect of Gluco Balance on obesity and peripheral insulin sensitivity in ponies.

Recently, a study was conducted at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine led by Dr. Ellen de Graaf-Roelfsema on the effectiveness of Gluco balance in a group of excessively fat and insulin resistant Shetland ponies.

One half of the group (the test group) received Gluco Balance twice a day for 6 weeks and the other half (the control group) received a placebo (= a product that looks like the product to be tested, but is not) at the same time . The ponies were housed in a poor pasture during the study. The influence on overweight was measured by weekly measurements of weight, body condition score, chest circumference, abdomen circumference, and neck circumference. In addition, the degree of fat accumulation was measured at fixed locations under the skin and in the abdomen. The influence of Gluco Balance on peripheral insulin sensitivity was determined by means of an intravenous sugar tolerance test before and immediately after the test.Gluco balance 500g

The test group showed a significant reduction in chest and abdomen circumference after 6 weeks, as well as a reduction in ultrasound fat accumulation on the ribs compared to the start of the experiment. The control group showed no changes over the course of the experiment in these measurements.

Both the control and the test group showed no improvement in peripheral insulin sensitivity after 6 weeks.

An earlier pilot study in Wageningen already resulted in a significant reduction in size and fat.

Further research is started into the mechanism of action of the Gluco balance, so that it can be substantiated how this supplement leads to the demonstrated reduction of subcutaneous fat accumulation.

Source:, April 2013

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