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Ask me anything 21 June 2021

Question: “I have adopted two dogs from Africa. One is super happy and sweet, the other is very anxious and can’t walk on the leash. We let him get acclimatized first and give him some rest. And sometimes he comes to sniff. She has a lot of support from the other dog. Could I use phytonics Strezz for support? Or do you have any other advice?”
➡️Yes, the Phytonics Strezz can support this very nicely! Give a basic dose as on the package of 2x a day, but you can safely give an extra dose just before a moment which gives him extra stress.
Our treatments can also provide nice mental support, but that may be for a later stage.
Question: “Is it true that horses with pssm2 are often diagnosed for Lyme?”
➡️Yes, we do see this more often. But it is quite complicated. PSSM does not always have to give complaints, sometimes this is only “triggered” when Lyme is added. The question then is whether the Lyme causes the complaints or the PSSM.
Question: “I have 2 horses that get gluco balance so that they can still nibble on some grass. Now I noticed that these horses in the stable peed a lot more. Is this because of the gluco balance that they have more going to pee? I noticed now because they were indoors longer due to wet/cold spring.”
➡️We see more often in horses that tend towards insulin resistance (EMS) that they urinate more frequently. It is possible that the Gluco balance initiates a kind of detoxification, among other things by stimulating the liver.
So in theory it could have something to do with it, but it doesn’t have to be.
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