Den Hoek

Ask me anything January 31

Question: “What can you do or give in preparation for a (planned) surgery? And afterwards?”
➡️ It depends a little bit on the type of surgery, but actually Traumeel, Strezz and Detox are always good!

Traumeel and Strezz before and after surgery. Detox at a later stage (start after a week to 10 days, when the body has regained some strength).

Question: “Can giardia in the dog be cured without antibiotics, fenbendazole or other aggressive agents that only further lower the resistance?”
➡️ This depends on a number of factors. How old is the animal? How is the overall resistance? Is it the first time the animal has been infected or is it a recurring problem.
Giardex is a herbal remedy that can support this well. A combination of Phytonics Micro comp and Clear intestine can also give good results. But in some cases regular medication is recommended, of course in combination with support for the resistance and the intestines.

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