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Ask me anything session May 10th

Question: “Could you give advice on a very topical subject, the Corona vaccination?

Is there anything you could do / take to help your body process the inoculation as well as possible? “
➡️ It is very important to support the immune system, which is of great importance in this day and age anyway. For this we have various resources in the range. Phytonics Immu boost Pro is particularly suitable for supporting an (overstimulated) immune system.
To further help the body to process the vaccination, a cleansing treatment is recommended. For example, you can opt for Phytonics Detox comp .
For customized advice you can of course contact the practice at any time.
Question: “My tinker has itching on her feet, in the summer she scrapes her mane in one piece every year.”
➡️ Itching is a troublesome problem. It is important to find out where the itching can come from. In case of itching on the legs, you must also exclude mites, for example.
Many horses and ponies chafe and itch in response to sugars and starches. An important question is therefore, is the animal overweight and what does the food look like?
Only when we have this clear can we start giving more targeted advice. For example, Phytonics Gluco balance can provide a solution for overweight and reactions to sugars / starch.
For animals with itching complaints, a detox treatment in the spring and autumn is recommended anyway. You can then choose Phytonics Detox comp or PUUR Detoxi.
Question: “What is a good non-toxic way against fleas?”
➡️ Fortunately, there are more and more non-toxic alternatives on the market against fleas and ticks.
At the moment we have one flea and tick spray developed by Eric Laarakker in the range.
We also sell from Stop Animal Bodyguard the drops and spray .
And soon we will also get a band from Fleacare Netherlands.
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