This month’s patient is the more than 14-year-old dachshund lady Sanne.

Sanne, like many dachshunds, has a weak back.
In February 2016 she ran after a cat in the garden and had to pay for it with the first hernia. Veterinarian Elske Buijs then treated her several times with acupuncture, among other things. She was also given a painkiller and remedies to support recovery at home. Within a month she was already running around happily!

In August 2018 it was unfortunately hit again, this time a neck hernia. It started with some crippled walking with one front paw, but soon she was also able to move her head with difficulty and now and then she screamed in pain. This time Sanne came under treatment of veterinarian Mallika Kokke .

The first treatment now also included acupuncture. However, during the second treatment, Sanne went so over her head when setting the first needle that it was decided to continue treatment in a different way. With the help of acupuncture ointment, treatment with sound therapy and the supportive means for at home, Sanne quickly recovered this time.

For a long time it went very well, despite her age, Sanne was fit, cheerful and active. Perhaps a bit too active, because at the end of December 2019 she started limping again with one front leg. Her owners now recognize the signals and have immediately started using the supporting resources. This had an effect, but not enough. So she came back to the practice for treatment.

Because Sanne had reacted so violently to the acupuncture needles with her previous hernia, it was now decided to schedule a consultation with veterinarian Aleid Hillebrand . She treated the acupuncture points with a special laser pen. This was a lot less stressful for Sanne. In addition, she also received sound therapy treatment.

“Sanne is a real Dachshund and can be incredibly dramatic, but nevertheless you naturally want her to experience as little stress as possible. That is why I am very happy that several options are possible at Den Hoek. Furthermore, I notice that especially the combination of different treatments together really works very effectively. Sanne is clearly getting older, because the recovery is slower than previous times. But she is recovering and that is the most important thing! ”


In practice, we regularly see dogs of various breeds with a hernia. There are many degrees of this condition. This varies from limping and serious shooting pains, to paralysis and not being able to relieve yourself.

The most important thing with a hernia is that you act quickly, the sooner we can start treatment, the greater the chance of a good recovery. Of course it depends on various factors whether and how quickly the treatments are successful.
Fortunately, many hernia patients have already walked outside with a wagging tail after a completed treatment process!

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