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This month’s patient is the dog Theo. At the end of June 2019 he came for the first consultation with our veterinarian Aleid Hillebrand .

9-year-old Theo was not doing well, he seemed paralyzed. It started with walking stiffer and wide-legged, but within a few days he could no longer walk at all and his legs collapsed. Theo was immediately taken to their vet. A blood test was performed, but nothing out of the ordinary.
The strange thing was that Theo’s reflexes seemed normal, slowed down at most, something that does not fit the image of a real paralysis. To find out more, an MRI would have to be made, but there was a chance that it would not clearly reveal what exactly was going on. The regular vet prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatories, but unfortunately this did not help him.

Aleid says: “In the beginning I was quite skeptical about starting an ‘alternative / complementary treatment’ for such a serious problem and felt that more regular research should be done first.

I made an agreement with the owners of Theo that I would still measure, but if something was not very clear, they would still have an MRI made. The owners agreed.

When measuring, I eventually ended up with a Lyme infection in the brain and therefore muscle weakness / partial paralysis of the legs. During the first treatment I used the sound protocol for Lyme and we started a treatment with acupuncture and neural therapy. He also received support resources for home. The prognosis (the prospect of how the disease would develop) was really not good at that time and we agreed that we had to see per day whether there was progress and whether it was worthwhile and worthwhile to continue with the treatment. ”

An intensive treatment process followed, in which the owners of Theo and Aleid kept close contact. It started with small improvements. He kept showing a little more old behaviors of his own, but he still couldn’t stand on his feet. His owners have committed 200% to his rehabilitation at home: keeping him as comfortable as possible, helping with eating and defecating with the help of enemas, moving a lot and of course a lot of exercise (in the water, on a roll or with a ball). ).

Almost a month after the first treatment, the messages became more and more positive, Theo started to eat more and more independently and during the hydrotherapy he had started to move carefully! At first he only moved a little with his front legs, but later also his hind legs. Eventually he also made a few steps in the water, he pushed off on the bottom!

Aleid: “He started to indicate again that he wanted to join the walk of the other dogs. Theo then barked, although that was a bit hoarse in the beginning. He then went along in the cart and felt clearly happy! He also got talking again and that is always good. At the beginning of August, Theo was ready to relieve himself again and during the hydrotherapy he started swimming with all 4 legs after a few minutes! ”

Theo regularly comes to the practice for sound treatments and acupuncture. Theo was back in mid-September and things were going well! He was able to stand and walk again, whether at times still shaky, but there is a start again. He did get into the cart, because walking really far is not so good. The intensity of the treatments is now decreasing, Theo has to start growing muscles again.

In oktober was Theo weer bij Aleid: “Ik stond zelf te kijken van het verschil, hij kwam lopend de praktijk binnen! Natuurlijk is hij er nog niet, het herstellen van zo’n Lyme infectie kost heel veel tijd. Gelukkig heeft Theo ontzettend lieve en zorgzame baasjes. Zij hebben ongelooflijk veel tijd en energie in zijn herstel gestoken en gelukkig met een heel mooi resultaat. Petje af voor zijn baasjes! Zij mogen ten alle tijden contact met mij opnemen voor overleg, maar ik hoop dat dat niet nodig is want dat betekent dat het goed gaat met Theo 😉 !”

The photos come from a video that the owners made during Theo’s recovery, so the photos are of lesser quality.

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