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Patient of the Month - Zano

This month’s patient is Zano, a 2-year-old Malinois.

Veterinarian Mallika describes Zano as: “a treasure of an animal, but hyperactive and therefore often difficult to reach.”

He likes to work, but is so easily distracted that his owner cannot do anything concrete with him. In addition, his stool is also variable. It started with diarrhea but later became too hard and dry.

And so Zano came under treatment at Den Hoek.

Viewed from the 5 elements theory, Zano is a true fire type. Fire types are sensitive and enthusiastic. They love to steal the show and prefer to be the center of attention. Fire types are also often hypersensitive to pain. That was also clearly visible when Zano got a wound on his foot; he freaked out completely and lay down shaking from the ‘pain’. It is almost humorous to see such a big tough shepherd react like that.

At Zano, however, the balance was hard to find and the fire could be extinguished a bit. He became very insecure and found no peace anymore. The hard, dry stools also indicate too much fire in the body.

Zano has been treated several times. Among other things with a tailor-made sound protocol and frequency, – and herbal drops.

The owners have also received a lot of help from Wallis animal nutrition, they have done everything to find the most suitable food.

A few months on and Zano is a completely different dog.

Mallika now describes him: “instead of being hyperactive and“ lost ”, he is just healthy and enthusiastic and there is a calmness radiating from his eyes that I have not seen before. A beautiful, fiery dog, balanced and happy. The work is going well and the owner and dog have fun together. His stool is also normal. “

It is not easy for owners to face these kinds of problems. Often these beautiful dogs end up in the shelter and the end is lost.

We are very happy that Zano’s owners have persisted and given Zano a chance to develop into the beautiful and full of life dog he is today!

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