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Psyllium 100% Fleawort

Sand in the intestines in horses and ponies is a major problem and can have unpleasant health consequences.

Gluten intolerance in horses

A still relatively unknown problem, gluten intolerance in horses.
The solution, but at the same time the problem, lies in nutrition.

Hay fever in winter

Suffering from hay fever in the middle of winter? Unfortunately, yes!
We can support this.

Marlies 12.5 years of service

We start the year off right with a little celebration, yesterday Marlies celebrated 12.5 years of service to the practice!


Fireworks We are approaching December and are already receiving many questions from concerned owners with frightened animals. For animals with fireworks anxiety, a difficult period, for which, unfortunately, there is no ready solution. However, it is important to start support in a timely manner. As a guideline, we have the firework roadmap established: For advice …

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Autumn is the season of the element metal

Within Wu Xing, the five element theory is used to create a character type classification of animals, based on your own observations relative to your animal’s behavior. It provides an additional entry point to really learn to look at your animal.

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