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STOP! Animal Bodyguard

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The green drops for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and hamsters.

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One variant for dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig and hamster

The green alternative

Drops, made from essential oils, among others, are hypoallergenic! The unique plant-based formula of STOP! Animal Bodyguard is completely safe for your dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret and hamster. Adults and children can touch the pet immediately after application. Thanks to the mild composition also suitable for nursing mother animals, puppies, kittens and older animals. STOP! Animal Bodyguard helps to keep the coat healthy and fresh. Can be distributed in the body without side effects.

  • Vegetable, hypoallergenic drops
  • Safe for animals, children and yourself
  • Also suitable for puppies, kittens, pregnant and lactating mother animals
  • Effective, even after a direct swim!
  • Deliciously scented for animals and humans

Recommended dosage

Apply every 14 days

Within the maximum stated dosage, you can safely check which dosage is needed for your animal.
Some animals are more susceptible than others, depending on health, habitat and weather conditions. If a lower dose suffices for the animal, this is of course always preferred. For animals with a thick coat or during the high season, you can use the EXTRA ProtecTick spray to supplement the drops.

kg minimal maximum
0 -< 2 1 ml 2 ml
2.5 – 7 2 ml

4 ml

7 – 15 4 ml 8 ml
15 – 30 6 ml 16 ml
>30 8 ml 24 ml

Build up the dosage slowly for habituation and safety. An animal can also react sensitively to extracts from plants. Increase the dosage step by step to the maximum as stated on the new packaging. If a lower dose suffices for the animal, this is of course always preferred.

High ambient pressure? Higher dosage STOP! Allowed.

Read more about the stricter dosage advice here. And see the maximum dosage above in the table.

With resealable cap. Can be kept for three months after opening if stored in a cool, dark and dry place. For external use only. Since the natural essential oils are sufficiently diluted, it is safe to use. 4 glass bottles of 8 ml. Developed under laboratory conditions by Union BIO Anno 2005. Of course not tested on animals!


For external use. Spread the hair and distribute the drops as well as possible over the skin (entire body). Apply a few drops with your fingers on thinly hairy areas such as in the groin and armpits (warm areas) and above the tail. Avoid the mucous membranes! Favorite places if gently rub the edges of the eyebrows and ears with your fingers. The effectiveness is optimal when the skin is well penetrated by the aroma. You can wash your hands after application, but not necessary! We recommend STOP! Animal Bodyguard can be used all year round. Repeat every 15 days.

In addition to the STOP! drops can be the STOP! EXTRA ProtecTick extra protection. Use this ProtecTick in addition to the drops, for example if the pressure is high, the dog swims much more than usual, just spray just before the walk in the woods or on the heath. You can easily take this spray with you in the car or bag.

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