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Ask me anything session May 1st

We have received a number of questions this week about natural approaches to mites, lice, etc.
Diatomaceous earth from Bio Ron can support this. Due to its structure, diatomaceous earth binds an enormous amount of moisture and thus has an enormous drying effect on its environment and thus on pests. It should then be used externally through the coat.

Question: “What supplements are there for a cat with anemia?”
It is important to find out what is causing the anemia. In older cats, for example, this may stem from a kidney, or intestinal problem.
We do not have 1 specific supplement that can be used for this purpose.

Question: “How risky is it when a female dog has her first heat at over 2 years of age and then does not seem to go back into heat (mss one silent heat ‘seen’). Is a possible hormone imbalance dangerous to the dog’s health?”
There may have been “silent heat” or she really hasn’t been in heat. If the dog otherwise looks fit, happy and healthy, there is no immediate cause for concern. Should you like it, you can always have her measured by a holistic working therapist or veterinarian.

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