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Ask me anything January 23

Questions fire Jan. 23

Question: “Can a horse get physical complications in the locomotor mechanical due to an incorrect feeding policy?”
➡️Ja you certainly can! As an example, a horse’s appendix is quite large and is located at the level of the right flank. If problems arise here, such as a significant imbalance caused by fungus, the horse will eventually try to spare the right flank. As a result, they become slower on the right rear, for example, they don’t like stretching or bending in on the right, and in the long run they may even develop pelvic misalignment.

Q: “Is EOTRH only ‘treatable’ by pulling the teeth?”
➡️ Coincidentally, we wrote a piece on this the other day. Click on this link.

Question: “My Fries has mites, what can I do about it?”
In addition to a regular approach, you may want to look into Diatomaceous Earth (from Bio Ron. Due to its structure, diatomaceous earth binds enormous amounts of moisture and thus has an enormous drying effect on its surroundings.
Viewed under the microscope, it consists of all particles of skeletons of these shellfish which consist of microscopic glass shards.
This means that it can also be used as a natural repellent for lice and other small animals that can nestle in the fur, plumage and environment of animals, causing them great discomfort.
The skin, the exoskeleton, of these welding suits gets damaged and dries out.
This is why animals roll in the sand when they try to get rid of these nuisances or/and avoid being bothered by them.

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