Den Hoek

Ask me anything session August 22

Question, “When is the best time to give a horse a course of detox in the spring and fall?”
➡️ Yes Spring and Autumn there are indeed very good times to give a Detox. Provided, of course, that the animal is not sick at the time. With sick and weaker animals, this is only recommended in consultation with an expert.
The Paardendrogist, in collaboration with Phytonics, has made a video for Detox:

Question: “The foals now have dirty eyes all the time because of the flies, we dab it with chamomile tea but that helps moderately, do you please have good tips?”
➡️ Unfortunately, no better tips than the Chamomile tea…. There are an awful lot of flies at the moment. Perhaps gently rub the head with a (natural) fly spray. While doing so, make sure that this does not get ín the eyes.

Question: “I would like to have more information about the use of the information speaker in sound therapy for a horse.”
➡️ On our website it says an article on treating with sound therapy (click here).
For specific questions, please refer to Information Medicine
or the telephone consultation of Eric Laarakker on Thursday mornings between
08.30 – 09.00 on 030-2961462.

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