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Ask me anything session May 9th

Question: “Do you have supporting products that can be used with long covid?”
➡️ Vitamin D and zinc are important vitamins and minerals that support the body in this case. In addition, it is important to support the (overstimulated) immune system, for example with Phytonics Immu boost pro. In addition, it can be nice to support the airways with Phytonics Respi comp.

Question: “Do you give advice how to treat complaints? Or do you have to choose a treatment course yourself?”
➡️ During the consult will be diagnosed what the major problem at that moment is and a treatment plan is drawn up by the practitioner. This will of course be presented to you and you will have the ultimate decisive choice.

Question: “What do you recommend as a natural (=not harmful to the health of the dog) remedy against ticks, which is also effective in northern France?”
➡️ Unfortunately, we don’t have the golden tip yet. Stop Animal Bodyguard has fine natural products in its range, but the most important thing remains: check the animal very well.

Question: “What does music therapy do for the horses?”
➡️ The sound therapy is aimed at addressing the self-healing capacity of the body and is therefore in principle suitable for every living being and therefore also horses.
Read more about treatment with sound on our website.

Question: “My dog is getting apoquel for allergy. Now I would rather want something else for him or rather nothing more but I have no idea how and what.”
➡️ Allergy is a complicated problem, the immune system reacts too violently to things it would normally not or would react differently. During a consultation we therefore first try to find out what triggers the body and why. This way we can treat as targeted as possible. In the case of allergy complaints, the focus is often on cleansing the body (detoxing) and supporting the overstimulated immune system

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