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Vitamin D

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Our immune system and D3

With autumn and winter approaching, it is extra important to take good care of yourself and your health.

A healthy immune system is essential in preventing and recovering faster from illnesses.
We can advise you on this, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions contact the practice .

A very important vitamin, especially in the winter period is vitamin D.

Annette Brenters (acupuncturist & orthomolecular therapist) explains why:

“Vitamin D3 is a relatively unknown player in our defense against (viral) infections. In recent years it has become clear that vitamin D3 (1,25-dihydroxy-cholecalciferol) is not only important for the skeleton and calcium balance in the body, but also plays an important role in the regulation of the immune system.

The active form of vitamin D3 suppresses inflammatory reactions. Research shows that vitamin D3 has a specific effect on activated macrophages, which are white blood cells that play an important role in our immune system. Read more…

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