Den Hoek

Water, light and sound

Water, light and sound have a prominent role in the treatment of patients in our practice.

A body consists of 99% water. It is generally known that a body consists of 70% water, but that is absolute weight. Water is lighter than, for example, a lot of biomolecules, minerals, etc. Molecularly, the body is 99% water.

Just for comparison: a cucumber is 97% water, so we as humans have more water in our body than a cucumber.

Water, light and sound contain a certain amount of information, in addition, water can also conduct light and sound. For example, whales and dolphins can communicate underwater.

What we ultimately want to achieve is to address the self-healing capacity of the body. The body is a self-organizing system, if this is addressed then there is actual healing instead of treating symptoms.

This is defined as information medicine.

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