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Water, light and sound

Water, light and sound have a prominent role in the treatment of patients in our practice. A body consists of 99% water. It is generally known that a body consists of 70% water, but that is absolute weight. Water is lighter than, for example, a lot of biomolecules, minerals, etc. Molecularly, the body is 99%

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Rhino Unfortunately, it is currently very topical again, the Rhinopneumonia virus in horses. Here too it is important to keep the animal’s resistance as optimal as possible. Lysine is an essential amino acid that inhibits the replica of herpes viruses. Read more about the Rhino virus on our website, For questions you can always Contact

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Worm infestation

worm infestation At the moment our vets see it very often: horses and ponies with fungus in the gut(s). This can lead to various health problems. In the article ‘persistent worm infestation and fungi in the intestines’ Eric explains the connection to a recurring worm infestation. But fungi can also ensure that nutrients are not

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